android rooting & backup

System administrators are facing new challenges when integrating Android smartphones into their administrative tasks. In most cases, traditional proceedings used in the PC context will not be effective. What are the administrator's options in order to manage the enterprise's new "smartphone fleet" that's being added to the existing infrastructure?

Trainer und Dozenten

Hans-Peter Merkel (Dipl. Ing.) has been training law enforcement officers in Germany and foreign countries for several years.

He is assisting law enforcement authorities in searching procedures and is conducting subsequent forensic evaluations. His primary focus is analysis of Linux/BSD internet servers.


Established Linux command line skills are a prerequisite for this training course as well as well-founded experience handling the usual file systems.


  • Temporary and permanent rooting
  • Recovery Mode
  • Data backup
  • Is cloud storage an adequate backup medium?
  • Full backup with Nandroid
  • A lost or stolen Android device contains company information. What can you do about it?
  • Cyanogen CM 9/10
  • Resetting to factory defaults